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Lucknow, Nov 25: In a first of its kind the members of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly will not be allowed to carry their mobile phones in the house during the winter session, set to start on November 28, as the business will be conducted according to the new rules.

A new set of Rules of Procedure and Conduct and Conduct of Business will be implemented 66 years after the amendment in the previous rules. As part of these changes leaders will no longer be allowed to bring mobile phones into the house.

Besides, carrying flags and banners into the house during the session will also be prohibited. During this period, the impact of the Yogi government’s commitment to prioritise women’s empowerment will be seen in the assembly as well as priority will be given to women members to speak during the session.

The first day of the winter session will begin with messages of condolences for the current and former members of the house who have passed away.

Meanwhile, on November 29, official proceedings in the session will commence in the first half, including the presentation of ordinances, notifications and rules on the table of the house. Simultaneously, the introduction of bills will also take place.

After 12:30 pm, the presentation of demands for supplementary grants for the financial year 2023-24 and other legislative tasks will be undertaken.

The notable feature of this session will be the emphasis on giving women members priority in speaking.

Supplementary grants for the financial year 2023-24 will be discussed on November 30, the third day of the session. There will be consideration and voting on the demands of the members. The Appropriation Bill will be introduced with the permission of the house. Alongside this, other legislative tasks will be addressed.

On the last day of the Winter session on December 1, legislative activities will be concluded.