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Bengaluru, Dec 13 – The man, who made a hoax call, claiming planting of a bomb inside Raj Bhavan, was arrested from Chittoor in Karnataka, police said on Wednesday.
Earlier, it was learnt that the call was made from Bidar district.

The arrested person has been identified as Bhasker, aged 34 years and is a B.Com graduate in agriculture and resides in Vadahalli village in Kolar district, police said, adding that the accused does not have any criminal record prior to it.

A phone call was made by Bhasker on December 11 night to the NIA control room claiming that a bomb was planted inside Rj Bhavan and would go off anytime.
This created a panic, and the police rushed to Raj Bhavan for a search operation. They, however, did not find any suspicious explosives inside the Governor’s residence and concluded it was a hoax call.

The investigation revealed that Bhasker had visited the city on Monday night and as he passed by Raj Bhavan, he searched for NIA Control Room contact number on Google, and called to inform them about the planting of the bomb inside Raj Bhavan, police said.
The police tracked down Bhasker in Chittoor by using technical surveillance on Tuesday night.
Bhasker made the call out of curiosity without knowing the consequences of it, police said.

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