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Mumbai Dec 6 – Maharashtra registered the maximum number of human trafficking cases in 2022, as per the statistics revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Last year, 793 females and 12 males (total of 805) were rescued from human traffickers in Maharashtra.
Most of them were pushed into prostitution, labour, and forced marriages.

Across India, 2,112 cases of human trafficking were registered in 2022, most of them in four states: Telangana (391), Maharashtra (295), Bihar (260), and Andhra Pradesh (163).

A deeper analysis revealed that 6,693 trafficked people were rescued across the country: 1,816 from Odisha, 805 from Maharashtra, 751 from Bihar, 704 from Telangana, and 461 from Rajasthan.
In Maharashtra, 805 people—793 of them females—were rescued from the clutches of traffickers.
The analysis revealed that 784 were forced into sexual exploitation and prostitution, three into forced marriages, and one into forced labour.
Meanwhile, Mumbai ranked third for murder FIRs among metros last year, according to National Crime Records Bureau records.

The city recorded 135 murder cases in 2022, behind Bengaluru (173) and Delhi (501), the NCRB data showed.
Mumbai’s specific analysis revealed that 63 murder FIRs were related to disputes, 22 to personal vendetta or enmity, seven to love affairs, six to dacoity or robbery, and five cases related to murders committed for personal gain.

The top five states with the least number of murder cases in 2022 were Sikkim (nine), Nagaland (21), Mizoram (31), Goa (44), and Manipur (47), according to the NCRB, which is tasked with the collection and analysis of crime data.