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Nagpur, Dec 14 – Maharashtra’s Food and Drug Administration Minister, Dharmarao Baba Atram, announced plans on Wednesday to combat the sale of tobacco products within a 100-meter radius of schools. In response to concerns raised by Legislative Council member Vikram Kale, Atram assured that dedicated teams would be formed to enforce the state’s prohibition on tobacco sales near educational institutions.

Atram emphasized the intention to introduce a stringent law, involving collaborative efforts from relevant agencies and parents, to curb violations and ensure a tobacco-free environment for students receiving education in the state. Notably, the Food and Drug Administration has taken significant action against vendors selling tobacco near schools in the past year, with ongoing efforts to maintain strict enforcement.

To enhance vigilance, instructions will be issued to parents, school principals, and members of school action committees. Atram highlighted the ongoing efforts of the central government in crafting a comprehensive law on this matter, which is nearing its final stages. Once enacted, this law is expected to further regulate and control the sale of tobacco products, reinforcing the commitment to protect students from unwittingly succumbing to addiction.