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Satara, Nov 27 – Maharashtra Deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar on Satuday said a decision has been taken in an all-party meeting that while giving reservation to the Maratha community, the reservation of any other community would not be affected.

Pawar, who visited the memorial of the state’s first chief Minister Yashwantrao Chavan on his death anniversary, said strict action will be take against the culprits in the case of lathi charge and stone pelting incident, which had occurred in Antarwali Sarati.

Pawar said: “Every ‘Vachalveer’ (garrulous) politicians, who I creased in the state, should see not to hurt feelings of any one”.

He said in a democracy every one has the right to express his/her views, but the person has to decided how to use the right.

He said there were many other burning issues in the state but such leaders were engaged in making objectionable statements and everyone should know and remember that this was not in conformity with the ideals of Chavan.

“Everyone has right to demand reservation for their community but while giving reservation it should endure in the court. When Prthivraj Chavan was the chief minister, we had given reservation to the Maratha community, but unfortunately it was struck down by the court. Then chief minister Devendra Fadnavis also gave the reservation to the Marathas, which was retained by the High Court, but not by the Supreme Court,” he said