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Nagpur, Dec 12 – In a significant move to support farmers affected by natural calamities, Agriculture Minister Dhananjay Munde addressed the Maharashtra Assembly on Monday, revealing that approximately 52 lakh farmers across 24 districts in the state have been granted advance crop insurance totaling Rs 2,216 crore. This financial assistance accounts for 25% of the losses incurred due to various natural disasters, including the failure of rain during the kharif season, under the Pradhan Mantri Pikvima Yojana.

Munde provided updates during the Question Hour, stating that out of the total sanctioned amount, Rs 1,690 crore has already been distributed, with an additional Rs 634 crore in the process of swift distribution. He emphasized that in the 24 districts, notifications were issued by district administrations to relevant insurance companies, urging them to provide the 25% advance crop insurance based on the losses assessed by local authorities.

Addressing concerns raised by some insurance companies, Munde explained that the state government, with the assistance of weather experts and agricultural university professionals, compelled these companies to consider various technical aspects while providing insurance for farmers’ losses. He also mentioned that appeals from some insurance companies are still in the hearing stage, and upon their resolution, the sanctioned crop insurance amount is expected to increase.

Responding to queries about certain farmers receiving amounts less than Rs 1,000, the Agriculture Minister assured that those with insurance amounts below Rs 1,000 would be compensated with a minimum of Rs 1,000.

This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on farmers who have faced challenges due to adverse weather conditions, further underlining the government’s commitment to supporting the agricultural community in Maharashtra.