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Bengaluru, Oct 25: England all rounder Moeen Ali on Wednesday said Bazball is in Test cricket, but yes the lack of aggressive cricket has probably cost England a little bit in this year’s World Cup.

“The thing is, bazball is in Test cricket. One-Day cricket is different and we have been playing different all the time. And we have been playing aggressive cricket throughout since 2015 and have done quite well. I think probably the lack of that way of cricket has probably cost us a little bit in this tournament.

“We haven’t been playing that way in my opinion and I think we need to play that way, but without slogging the ball, but just be that really aggressive side that we know we can be,” he told reporters on the eve of England-Sri Lanka match at Chinnaswamy Stadium here.

He was reacting to an UNI query about whether the lack of Bazball cricket has cost England in this World Cup.

Asked whether there has been talk among players about the need for the top order to play the attacking brand of cricket, Moeen said the talk has been around, but it cannot be done all the time.

In the last match, Johnny Bairstow, the most attacking player on the top, did not get going, he said, adding the players however are due for some runs, and hopefully it is going to come now.

“We have spoken about it, and it is not always easy, we know you cannot do it all the time. But the guys are due some runs, and hopefully it is going to come now,” he said.

“Yeah, and it is not always that easy. I mean, I am sure, obviously, last game, we were chasing 400. So, we had to come out and play shots. And we unfortunately lost Bairstow, who is probably our most attacking player up top.

“But yeah, most of the time you want the guys to score quickly and score for longer periods, so then it makes it easier for everybody else. But it does not always work like that, and we all need to score runs and perform,” he added.

Moeen further said: “But if you get your openers and your top three firing and they are scoring runs, it certainly helps everybody else and you get in the big scores aside.”

Asked about inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Olympics, Moeen said it is amazing for the game, and he will try to hang on despite old age catching him.

“I think it is amazing for everyone. It would be amazing to play in the Olympics representing cricket and representing your country would be unbelievable and 2028 I will be quite old but I will try to hang on. But yeah, it will be unbelievable to play in the Olympics for your country, yeah,” he said.

When asked how much Sri Lanka’s weak bowling lineup due to injuries gives England confidence, Moeen said, “Not really because we still have to play well and it is international cricket. Even if they are slightly weaker in their bowling, it doesn’t give us confidence.”

If anything, England have to go out and be ruthless in their batting, but they need to build their confidence and the team, he said.

“And it’s not really the opposition that gives us this more with internal and how we’re going to go about it and how we’re going to perform so yeah, I mean most teams will lose bowlers and have injuries and things like that but our job as the opposition is to perform to our capabilities,” he added.

Asked whether this could be the end of careers for the core of this group or is there a lot more room for them, Moeen said he and some other older players may not make the next World Cup, but for a lot of other players it could potentially be the start of something else.

Replying to the second part of the question, Moeen said England is still in the competition, but it is tough as they have to win all the remaining games.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re still in the competition, we’re still in the tournament. We know it’s a tough one now. We’ve got to win every game. But we know that we can do it. It’s just more just getting the confidence back as a side and playing the way we know that we can play. But who knows what could be the start of or the end of, but no one’s really thinking about that kind of stuff,” he said.