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Kolhapur, Nov 29 – In a recent development, the city unit of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) apprehended Sunil Jagnnath Jadhav (50), the district Agriculture superintendent at the Kasba Bavada office, for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 9,000 from a local complainant.

The accused had reportedly demanded Rs 10,000 as a bribe from the complainant to facilitate the issuance of a license for selling fertilizers, seeds, and insecticides in his shop. After negotiation, the amount was settled at Rs 9,000.

The vigilant complainant promptly reported the incident to the city unit of the ACB, which swiftly took action. The ACB team laid a trap at the district Agriculture office, capturing Jadhav red-handed as he accepted the bribe money.

This arrest sheds light on a potential license scam within the Agriculture department, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation into such corrupt practices. The ACB has not only demonstrated its commitment to combating corruption but has also underscored the importance of citizens’ role in reporting such malpractices.

The accused, Sunil Jagnnath Jadhav, is now facing legal consequences, and the case serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to uphold integrity within public offices.