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Nashik, Oct 26: Lalit Patil and his brother Bhushan Patil, key figures in the drug mafia, who had escaped from Sassoon Hospital in Pune, were apprehended in Nashik. Pune police made the arrest, uncovering their involvement in acquiring gold through a local bullion shop using money earned from their drug-related activities.

The investigation revealed that the Patil brothers heavily invested in gold and silver with the proceeds from their drug ventures. The Pune police were actively pursuing leads in this case, leading to the arrest of a bullion shop operator in Nashik. Another individual from the same business is currently at large, and law enforcement agencies are actively searching for him. Additionally, other bullion dealers in Nashik are under the scrutiny of Pune police in connection with the case.

Lalit Patil, part of the drug mafia, had been apprehended in Tamil Nadu by the Mumbai Police a few days ago. Following his arrest, he was presented before the Andheri Sessions Court, which remanded him to police custody until Monday. Subsequently, the police custody has been extended once again until Friday (October 27). In the ongoing investigation, Pune Police have widened their net, leading to the arrest of a bullion dealer from Nashik linked to the drug mafia.