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Hyderabad, Nov 21: Dr C Manikyamba, an Emeritus Scientist at CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad, has been honored with the SGAT Award of Excellence 2023 by the Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists (SGSAT), Bhubaneswar.

The prestigious award recognizes her groundbreaking contributions to the field of Geosciences, particularly her research on the growth of continental crust and its mineral resources, including iron, manganese, gold, and PGE in the Precambrian terranes of India, a release said on Monday.

Dr Chakravadhanula Manikyamba has an extensive academic record, having published 130 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and successfully supervised 12 PhD students. Her research focuses on biogeochemical studies related to Fe-Mn formations, stromatolites, and carbonaceous shales of Dharwar Craton, Proterozoic Cuddapah, and Phanerozoic K-G basin, showcasing noteworthy contributions to the scientific community.

Her studies on Archean plate tectonics have had a significant impact on both basic and applied aspects of geoscience and are well-recognized within the fraternity. Currently, Dr. Manikyamba is engaged in researching one of the most enigmatic scientific problems—the evolution of the oxygenated atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere of Earth. Her work has paved the way for understanding the habitability of life and the favorable conditions for the deposition of various metals, such as iron, manganese, gold, and PGE.