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Chennai, Dec 7 — In a deeply distressing incident, a minor boy has been accused of murdering his elder sister in what is suspected to be an honor killing in Thayayuthu, Tamil Nadu. The tragic event unfolded late on Tuesday night and was revealed on the subsequent day.

The victim, A. Thangathai (20), was employed in a private company at the SIPCOT industrial estate in Gangaikondan. She was reportedly in a relationship with a youth from the Scheduled Caste community in Rajavallipuram, Tirunelveli. The girl’s family learned about her relationship when a relative spotted the couple at a movie theater.

A quarrel ensued in the household, leading to Thangathai going missing on Monday night. Her family filed a complaint, and the police traced her the following day. Despite the police offering to admit her to a government home, she chose to return home with her parents.

Upon her return, a heated argument erupted with her 17-year-old brother, culminating in the boy allegedly hacking her to death. In a bid to prevent any further repercussions and ensure the safety of her lover, the police provided security to the youth, who subsequently surrendered.

A case has been registered, and the girl’s body was taken to the Tirunelveli Medical College hospital for post-mortem. The minor brother, being underage, was sent to judicial remand in a juvenile home. Investigations are ongoing.

This incident adds to the alarming trend of caste-based honor killings in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the southern districts. Recent cases have underscored the urgent need to address this issue and ensure justice for the victims. The state continues to grapple with the repercussions of such tragic events, prompting calls for stronger measures to curb honor killings and protect vulnerable individuals from such heinous acts.