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Mumbai, Dec 11 – Defense Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the CSR Journal Excellence Awards distribution ceremony in Mumbai, emphasizing the importance of the corporate sector taking proactive steps for the upliftment of the country. Speaking at the event held at the Bombay Stock Exchange, Singh stressed the distinction between social responsibility and legal obligations like taxes, highlighting the societal connection established through voluntary welfare initiatives.

Singh expressed that man is a social animal, and the bonds of interdependence are unbreakable. He underscored the significance of immediate help during times of trouble, promoting a sense of brotherhood and mutual assistance in society. Cultural Affairs Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar, Amit Upadhyay of The CSR Journal Excellence, poet Kumar Vishwas, and former Central Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar were among the dignitaries present.

Singh praised socially conscious individuals and organizations in the corporate sector for their valuable contributions to social development. He urged for appreciation of these efforts, asserting that a society that helps each other propels the country forward and inspires others to join in.

Chief Minister Shinde echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the tradition of helping each other and the cultural significance of charity. He acknowledged the duty and responsibility of working for society, noting that social organizations and companies, collaborating with the government, play a crucial role in the social sector’s selfless spirit and overall development.