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Nagpur, Dec 11 – In a significant move, the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) staged a ‘halla bol morcha’ to the state Assembly, led by state president Nana Patole. The protest, held today, highlighted the pressing issues faced by farmers, particularly the challenge of receiving fair prices for their produce. Patole, in an official statement, accused the state government of making hollow announcements without concrete actions to address farmers’ concerns.

Expressing deep concern about the flourishing drug mafia in the state, Patole criticized the BJP-led government for overlooking fundamental issues affecting the people. During the ongoing winter session of the state Legislature, the MPCC alleged that farmers’ issues were not adequately discussed, and the government’s declarations lacked substance.

Key demands presented during the ‘halla bol morcha’ included urgent assistance for distressed farmers, recruitment of workers, fair pricing for agricultural produce, a bonus of Rs 1,000 for paddy, establishment of farm procurement centers with guaranteed prices, lifting the ban on onion export, lifting the ban on ethanol production, immediate resolution of the reservation issue, and improvement of the law & order situation.

The protest, under Patole’s leadership, aimed to draw attention to the plight of farmers and press for concrete actions to address their pressing concerns.