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New Delhi, Dec 18 – The Congress on Saturday announced that it will launch an online crowdfunding campaign “Donate for Desh” aiming to empower the party in creating a better India in equal resource distribution and opportunities.

Addressing a press conference held at AICC headquarters here, Congress leader and MP KC Venugopal said, “Congress is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign named Donate for Desh, which will be launched by Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on December 18.”

Talking about the campaign, he said “Our inaugural campaign ‘Donate for Behtar Bharat’ commemorates the 138-year journey of the Indian National Congress. Embracing our history, we invite supporters to donate multiple of amounts symbolizing the party’s enduring commitment to a better India.”

For online crowdfunding facility, two channels, a dedicated online portal, and official Indian National Congress website, have been created for online funding. The campaign will be officially launched on December 18 in New Delhi with the donation link going live simultaneously.

The campaign will primarily be online until December 28 after which ground campaigns will be initiated including door-to-door visits by volunteers, targeting at least ten houses in every booth for contributions, said the Congress leader.

During the press conference here responding to media queries over the security breach incident, Venugopal said the opposition didn’t politicize the incident of security breach in Parliament that took place on Wednesday. “It is Delhi Police who said in the Court that it was a terror attack and police comes under Home Minister of India,” he alleged.

Venugopal said, “We didn’t politicize this incident and we did make it as a terror attack. We said it is a serious security lapse from the government side.”