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Jalna, Nov 29 – In a press statement issued today, BJP leader and Samruddhi Sugar factory chairman Satish Ghatge-Patil emphasized the urgent need for the district administration to swiftly prepare a ‘panchnama’ (assessment report) of damaged crops in Jalna. He called for the timely submission of this report to the Maharashtra government to ensure that farmers, grappling with the aftermath of unseasonal rains, receive relief without delay.

Ghatge-Patil highlighted the significant losses incurred by farmers in the district, where both kharif and rabi crops have been adversely affected by recent unseasonal rains. The standing sugarcane crops have been flattened, and orchards also bear the brunt of heavy rains in some areas.

Expressing concern for farmers who already faced crop failure during the kharif season due to excess rain, the BJP leader stressed the importance of immediate assistance in this crisis. He urged the Revenue department to promptly assess the extent of damage and submit a comprehensive report to the government for swift intervention and relief efforts.

The statement underscores the critical role of timely and accurate assessments in facilitating quick and effective relief measures for farmers facing the challenges posed by unanticipated weather events.