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Patna, Dec 19 – Bihar finance minister and senior JDU leader Vijay Kumar Choudhary said that Ram temple of Ayodhya can never be an electoral plank.

While talking to news persons here on Monday Chaudhary said that the proposed inauguration of the newly constructed Ram temple in Ayodhya can never be a poll planck. He however said that Ram temple certainly is a matter of faith of Hindus which should be honoured.

The JDU leader further said that voting pattern in elections is not at all a mathematical calculation but depends on the mood of the people.

He alleged that the BJP tried to misuse the religious sentiments of the people for taking benefit in the elections. The elections should be contested on the issues of public concern, he added.

Chaudhary said that Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar initiated to unite opposition to counter BJP at National level. Kumar has suggested the constituent units of INDIA Alliance to resolve all issues related to seat sharing which would help in fighting against the BJP.