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Bengaluru, Dec.01 – Bomb threat emails were sent to multiple schools in Bengaluru, resulting in the evacuation of both students and staff members. While the exact number of schools that received these emails is currently unknown, it has been reported by various media outlets that over 15 schools in the city were targeted. As per the information provided, the email alleged that explosives were planted on school grounds. Upon receiving a call from the command centre, our teams were promptly dispatched to various schools across the city. As a precautionary measure, all students and staff have been safely evacuated, and an extensive search operation is currently underway.

As of now, no suspicious items have been discovered, indicating that the message may be a hoax. As per the information received, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, has reassured parents in response to the recent bomb threats by stating that security measures have been implemented and there is no need for panic. He has also directed the police to conduct thorough inspections of schools and improve security measures. The Chief Minister has urged parents to remain calm during this period of heightened security. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has given instructions to the police to conduct an investigation and enhance security measures in schools. He assures parents that there is no need to panic.

The police department has provided a preliminary report. In a separate update, Karnataka Dy CM D K Shivakumar assures parents that the threat emails are a hoax and prompt action will be taken by the cybercrime department to resolve the situation. At first, the Bengaluru Police Commissioner stated that multiple anti-sabotage teams were dispatched to search the school grounds. Additionally, he mentioned that the bomb threat messages received by various city schools appeared to be false calls, but every possible measure will be taken to determine the sender of the email.

The Police commissioner took to Twitter to inform the public that certain schools within the city had received ‘bomb threat’ calls through email earlier today. The bomb detection team is currently in the process of swiftly investigating this matter. Based on the preliminary checks conducted, it seems that these calls were indeed false alarms.

Nevertheless, every necessary measure will be implemented to identify and locate the individual responsible for sending the email. According to a reports, several schools in Bengaluru, including Napel and Vidyashilpa in Basaveshwar Nagar, as well as one near the Deputy CM’s residence, received bomb threat emails. He mentioned that some schools he knows, including the one near his house, were also mentioned in the threat.

However, upon inspecting the email with the police, it seems to be a fake or a hoax. Shivakumar reassured parents that there is no need to worry, as the police are investigating the matter. On X, he posted a tweet providing an update regarding the bomb threats received via email by certain schools in Bangalore. He mentioned that Sadashiva Nagar NEV School had been inspected and visited in response to the threats. The police officials were informed about the incident and instructed to carry out a thorough investigation.