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Jaipur, Dec 4 – After the Congress debacle in Rajasthan assembly elections whose results were announced on Sunday, outgoing Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that he humbly accepted the voters mandate and said that it was unexpected.

After the election results, Gehlot said, “We humbly accept the mandate given by the public. This is an

unexpected result for everyone. This defeat shows that we have not been fully successful in taking our plans, laws and innovations to the public.”

He said, “I wish the new government all the best. My advice to them (Bharatiya Janata Party) is that despite working hard, we were not successful, it does not mean that they should not work after coming to power. All the schemes including Old Pension Scheme (OPS), Chiranjeevi and the pace of development that we have given to Rajasthan in these five years should be taken forward.”

Thanking Congress workers, Gehlot said, “I express my gratitude to all the voters who worked hard in this election and who believed in us.”