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Mumbai, Nov 21: In observance of Child Safety Week from November 14 to 20, social organization Arpan and Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) have joined forces to raise awareness about child sexual abuse (CSA) on public transport. The collaboration aims to foster a safer environment for children during their daily commute.

Pooja Taparia, the founder and CEO of Arpan, expressed the joint commitment to creating a city where children’s safety is paramount, and adults are empowered to prevent CSA. The partnership seeks to make strides in enhancing awareness and ensuring a secure atmosphere for children.

Vijay Singhal, the General Manager of BEST, affirmed the collaborative efforts with Arpan, emphasizing their dedication to raising awareness, educating staff, and contributing to the welfare of the city’s children.

Aditi Tatkare, Women & Child Development Minister, Government of Maharashtra, commended the initiative, highlighting the paramount importance of the safety and security of children. She acknowledged the collaboration as a united front against the problem of child sexual abuse.