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Pune, Dec 4 – Rajesh Agarwal, the National President of Agarwal Marwadi Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Education (AMCCIE), conveyed his congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday as the BJP secured a significant lead in the ongoing vote counting in three major states – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.

Expressing optimism, Agarwal stated that it seems likely that the BJP will form the next government in these states with a clear majority. He highlighted the faith exhibited by the people in Modi’s governance, reflecting in the electoral trends witnessed today.

Agarwal further emphasized that the industrial sector in the country is expected to witness further strengthening under BJP governance in these states.

In a renewed call, he urged Prime Minister Modi to consider contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Pune, which are scheduled for the next year. Agarwal believes that such a move would be in the best interest of the region and the nation.

As the political landscape unfolds, the industry leader sees potential opportunities for growth and development under the leadership of the BJP in these crucial states.