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Pune, Dec 5 – The Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Mahasangh (AMGM) is gearing up for a series of statewide events to mark the celebration of International Mountain Day on December 11.

Designated by the United Nations since 2003, International Mountain Day holds global significance. For the past three years, AMGM, representing mountaineers in Maharashtra, has been actively organizing celebrations at various locations across the state.

Umesh Zirpe, the President of Mahasangh, emphasized that participants will partake in diverse activities, including conducting mountain rituals (Parvat Poojan), scaling forts or hills, collectively pledging to preserve nature at these sites, and acknowledging individuals contributing to conservation efforts in mountainous regions.

The theme for this year’s International Mountain Day is “Restoration of Mountain Eco System,” aligning with the United Nations’ designation. The global observance aims to highlight the crucial role mountains play in human life, encompassing diverse ecosystems, rivers’ origins, forests nurtured by these rivers, and the rich cultural heritage embedded in these landscapes.

Mountains, with their timeless presence, offer a sense of continuity amidst the ever-changing past and future, making them an integral part of our natural and cultural heritage.