Robin Tommy, founder and Chief Digital Advisor of Inclusys Foundation

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Kochi, Nov 29 – Kochi-based social enterprise startup Inclusys Foundation is scaling up its technology-assisted professional education programme to reach a broader audience.

The programme empowers people facing challenges, primarily due to neurological disorders, to become efficient professionals using advanced technologies, a release said on Wednesday.

The company uses modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to impart skills for IT jobs.

The programme brings to the mainstream people with difficulties like autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, dyscalculia and down syndrome.

“So far, we have imparted training to more than 350 individuals and their caregivers, including parents,” Robin Tommy, founder and Chief Digital Advisor of Inclusys Foundation, said.

“Through this, we expect a change in the living conditions of more than a thousand people. We have partnered with various organisations in this endeavour.” K-Disc, ICT Academy, Kerala Startup Mission, Punarjeeva Technology Solutions, Sahrudaya Welfare Society, Rotary Club, Cochin Shipyard, Federal Bank, IEEE Robotics & Automation Society etc are collaborating with the project.

The Inclusys Org’s clientele includes Federal Bank’s FedServ, State Literacy Mission, Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission and Kerala Medical Technology Consortium. The group plans to launch a training programme lasting up to six months for such challenged individuals and helpers. Unlike traditional learning, the training is given with the help of technology and animation.

“The gig is the world’s most dynamic field of work today, and we are grooming neurodivergent individuals to take up the challenge,” added Tommy.

“Not only individuals with neurological disorders but also their parents are encouraged to take up this skilling on digital technology.”

Gig is the method by which professionals undertake and complete specific tasks in a specified time. The company’s ultimate goal, Tommy said, is to bring the challenged people into the field of employment. By enabling them to stand on their own feet with self-respect and earn income, the company aims to transform society radically.