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Dhaka, Dec 19 – In a tragic turn of events in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at least four lives were lost when miscreants set fire to three train coaches during the early hours of Tuesday. The incident unfolded around 5:00 a.m. local time amidst a countrywide strike called by the largest opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The strike aimed to pressure the government to resign ahead of the scheduled national election on January 7.

Nurul Islam Sujan, the Railways Minister of Bangladesh, reported that three firefighting units promptly responded to the scene, recovering bodies from one of the charred train coaches. Amidst the chaos, several individuals sustained injuries while trying to escape from the burning train.

The opposition-led movement has been marked by widespread unrest, including acts of vandalism, arson attacks, and frequent clashes between law enforcement and protestors. This disturbing incident adds to the escalating tension in the country, posing significant concerns for the safety and well-being of the population.

It is noteworthy that on December 13, another tragic incident occurred when a train derailed in Gazipur near Dhaka, resulting in one fatality. The derailment was allegedly caused by sabotage, with a section of the railway line severed by saboteurs amidst the ongoing opposition movement.

The developments raise serious apprehensions about the prevailing security situation in Bangladesh, emphasizing the need for effective measures to ensure the safety of citizens and prevent further incidents of violence and unrest.