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Lucknow, Dec 14 – In a bid to bolster its tourism industry the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department has introduced a New Star Classification System for approval of star classification of hotels and resorts in the state.

The new classification system aims to revolutionise the hospitality industry in the state with more hotel rooms, improved facilities and grant hotels and resorts access to subsidies and incentives equivalent to industry status.

While inaugurating the new star classification portal, Tourism and Culture Minister, Jaiveer Singh said that UP, known for its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks and vibrant cities has been striving to boost its tourism industry. “At the heart of this endeavour lies the ‘New Star Hotel Classification’ system, which will categorise hotels based on their quality, services, and overall facilities and guest experience,” he said.

He said that the new revised classification system includes five distinct categories Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze, aligning with the industry’s traditional star ratings, respectively corresponding to 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star and 1 star classifications as previously determined by the Ministry of Tourism. “This revamped system will simplify the selection process for tourists and encourage higher service standards among hotels,” he said.

To streamline processes, the UP Tourism Department has announced the launch of an innovative online portal dedicated to the application process for the Hotel Star Classification Guidelines with minimum requisite fees at the UP Tourism official website at

The Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (UPSTDC) serves as the nodal agency responsible for the implementation of the Star Hotel Classification system in the state.

Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture Mukesh Meshram said that the benefits of achieving the ‘New Star Hotel Classification system’ are multifaceted. “Accredited hotels will now be eligible for a range of incentives, including subsidies and tax benefits typically granted to industries with official industry status,” he said.

Industry experts and hoteliers have welcomed the UP government’s initiative with open arms. They believe that these measures will lead to a significant enhancement in the standards of existing establishments and an influx of investment, thereby revitalizing the entire hospitality industry in the state.