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Hyderabad, Nov 27 – Union Minister of Home and Cooperation Amit Shah on Sunday addressed massive rallies at Makthal, Mulug and Bhongir in poll-bound Telangana.

Speaking at the rallies, Shah said that the upcoming election is not merely about electing a candidate. It is an election that will decide the future of Telangana. KCR and his ministers have engaged in immeasurable corruption. Land grabbing and many other activities have been carried out by the elected representatives here. The KCR government had promised to build a hundred-bed hospital. They did not complete it. They promised to build a degree college. They have not completed it. They promised to give unemployment allowances to the youth. But no one got it.

“KCR has done nothing. Rather their MLAs are involved in the illegal mining of black earth and sand. This is a region where the weavers KCR did nothing for them. We will build a textile park in Narayanpet and will promote the weavers. The Modi government formed a ministry for the fishermen but KCR introduced no scheme for them. We will form a Rs.1000 crore pool for their progress. The Sangambandha scheme is defunct. We will revive it and make it effective. KCR said that they would create 100 irrigation tanks in Utkoor Mandal. They did not but we will build these 100 irrigation schemes. KCR talks about Kaleswaram. But KCR and KTR have done nothing other than corruption in Kaleswaram. BRS means Bhrashtachar Rishwakhor Samity.” He added.

He also said, “We will also augment the Bheema project. If you vote for the congress then their MLAs will join KCR. Congress party and the BRS have entered into a deal. As per the deal, the Congress will help the BRS in making KCR the chief minister and BRS will make Rahul Gandhi the prime minister in return. If you want to remove KCR then you have only one option and that is forming a BJP government under the leadership of Modi Ji. A congress MLA is like a Chinese product without guarantee who may at any time join the BRS. In the year 2014, seven Congress MLAs joined the TRS. In 2015, 34 Congress MLCs joined the BRS and in 2018, 12 MLAS joined BRS.”

He said, “We have decided that we will make a leader from the backward class the chief minister of Telangana. We have decided that we will give the Madiga community a vertical quota as the SC caste. We also have decided to give four gas cylinders to poor women free of cost every year. We also have decided to celebrate Hyderabad Liberation Day on 17th September every year as a state festival.”

He pointed out that the BRS fears Owaisi. It has the car as its election symbol but the steering of its car is with the Owaisis. The BJP has decided to end the 4 per cent Muslim reservation and give it to the SCs, STs and OBCs. On the 22nd of January PM Modi will enshrine Lord Ram in the Ayodhya Temple. If the people of Telangana form a BJP government the BJP government will take everyone to Ayodhya on pilgrimage.