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Shimla, Dec 5 – On Monday, Himachal Pradesh witnessed a series of unfortunate road accidents that resulted in nine fatalities and left eight others injured.

In Shimla district, a horrific accident occurred at Kudharghat in Sunni Subdivision, claiming the lives of six Kashmiri workers. A pickup vehicle, carrying twelve people, met with an accident, resulting in four immediate deaths, while two individuals were rushed to the hospital. The deceased were identified as Ghulam Asan Gorsi (43), Shabir Ahmed (19), Farid Didar (24), Talib (23), Gulzar (30), and Mustaq (30), all hailing from Kulgam in Jammu & Kashmir.

In a separate incident near Magrugala at Janjehli Police Station in Mandi district, a car fell into a deep gorge, resulting in the tragic deaths of three individuals. The deceased were identified as Madan Lal (60), Jayanti Devi (60), and Bhim Singh, whose exact age was not provided. Two others sustained injuries in the mishap and were promptly hospitalized at Janjehli Hospital.

The day’s events unfolded as a grim reminder of the challenges and risks associated with road travel, urging authorities to reinforce road safety measures. The tragic accidents have left families grieving and communities in shock, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety protocols to prevent such incidents in the future.