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Nizamabad (Telangana), Nov 23: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President Revanth Reddy on Wednesday said has that even ” if the Congress party gets one seat less to 80 in the November 30 Telangana Assembly elections, I am ready for any punishment”.
Revanth Reddy Addressing the Vijayabheri Jana Sabha held in Nizamabad Rural Constituency here, Revanth criticised “ CM KCR is afraid that he will lose his post and he is talking out of his mind.
KCR is talking about not getting even 20 seats to Congress, he said People will win Congress without not losing a single seat from 80 seats.
Revanth commented that even if one seat less to 80, he is ready for any punishment.
The TPCC Chief warned KCR that he will be chased to the outskirts and Indiramma’s rule will be established in state. Indiramma’s kingdom means the kingdom of the poor. BRS means the kingdom of doras and the kingdom of thieves.
Revanth claimed that all the good works took place in Indiramma’s rule and there was no lack for the welfare of the poor.
Revanth has called for KCR to be taught a proper lesson in this election.
Revanth, who is contesting against CM KCR from Kamareddy assembly segment, asked the people to win the most number of seats in the district for the Congress.
Revanth assured that six guarantees will be implemented in Indiramma Rule. If there is BRS, they will give a pension of 2,000, but if KCR is voted out of power, we will give a pension of 4,000 in Indiramma’s rule, he added.