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Kolkata, Oct 5: Tata Power, one of India’s largest integrated power companies and one of the leading EV Charging solutions provider, has forged a significant partnership to strengthen the EV charging infrastructure in Kolkata by collaborating with the esteemed Tollygunge Club.
This momentous milestone was achieved with the inauguration of a 7.4 kW AC Type 2 charger at the Tollygunge Club premises.

This event was graced by the esteemed presence of Sujoy Banerjee, President of Tollygunge Club, and Brig. V Ganapathy (Retd), CEO -Tollygunge Club.
The charger, catering to both club members and visitors, underscores Tata Power’s unwavering commitment to advancing EV adoption and contributing to the green mobility revolution in the heart of Kolkata.

This strategic partnership with Tollygunge Club signifies a noteworthy milestone in Tata Power’s determined pursuit of creating an extensive EV charging network. “Partnering with the esteemed Tollygunge Club is a remarkable achievement in our mission to advance the electric vehicle charging landscape. Each endeavour we undertake in Kolkata contributes significantly to fortifying our network,” stated Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development (EV Charging) at Tata Power.

Commenting upon the initiative, Brig. V Ganapathy(Retd), CEO of Tollygunge Club said, “Tata Power’s unparalleled expertise and proven track record in significantly advancing the EV charging infrastructure across India is very well known. Through this partnership, we look forward to embracing green mobility solutions and reducing our carbon footprint. We look forward to being a part this green movement and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

The Tollygunge Club, a renowned institution in Kolkata, has consistently ranked among the city’s top leisure destinations. As India’s sole Country Club and a global top-20 club, it has catered to diverse recreational interests for over a century. Its recent collaboration with Tata Power to establish an electric vehicle charging station on its premises not only enhances services for the members and the visitors of the club, but also aligns with Tata Power’s mission to promote sustainable transportation in Kolkata.
This addition provides members and visitors with convenient EV charging facilities, symbolizing the Club’s commitment to modern convenience and environmental responsibility. It marks a harmonious blend of the Club’s rich heritage with contemporary needs and eco-conscious values.

Tata Power has achieved significant progress in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure domain, having successfully deployed over 50 public and semi-public charging points throughout Kolkata. This accomplishment further cements Tata Power’s status as the predominant EV charging point operator in India, currently holding an impressive market share of nearly 60%. Their extensive nationwide network spread over 420 + cities encompass a wide array of charging solutions, including more than 59,000 home chargers, 4,800 public and semi-public charging points, and 430 bus charging stations. This network continues to grow, reflecting Tata Power’s ongoing commitment to expanding EV charging accessibility across the country.

Tata Power and Tollygunge Club collaboration represents a significant stride towards a more sustainable lifestyle in West Bengal. In its continuous commitment to empower EV charging network in the state, the company recently also partnered with Kolkata Airport to install cutting-edge EV chargers. By promoting widespread electric vehicle adoption and supporting Tata Power’s vision for a cleaner, greener Kolkata is very clear, as this partnership plays a crucial role in advancing India’s electric vehicle revolution. It highlights the unwavering commitment of both Tata Power and the Tollygunge Club to environmentally responsible practices and the promotion of eco-friendly transportation solutions within the region.