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Hamirpur (HP), Nov 27 – Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister SS Sukhoo on Sunday charged the BJP and its leaders with ignoring the claims of monsoon-hit people of the state and denying them benefits they should have received much earlier.

Sukhu dubbed the BJP as “anti-people” in general and “anti-youth and anti-women” in particular.

Addressing a largely attended public meeting at Gandhi Chowk of Hamirpur. he said his government was “pro-people” and that was why it had released a package of 4500 crore rupees to the monsoon-affected people of the state

He expressed the resolve of the state government that it would provide all sorts of facilities and help to the suffering people and financial constraints will not come in this way. He said that we were standing with them shoulder to shoulder so that they could not face any problems in the coming times.

He said that it was a matter of “shock and pain” that the central government had failed to provide any relief to the flood fury-affected people of the state despite claiming that huge funds had been diverted to the state accounts.