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Puri (Odisha), Dec 14 – In a grand celebration, the divine spirits at the Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha, marked the auspicious occasion of “Deba Dipabali,” akin to Diwali, with traditional fervor and reverence. The festivities commenced on December 11 and continued for three nights, attracting lakhs of devotees who gathered to witness the sacred rituals.

The primary focus of these ceremonies is to pay homage to the divine deities’ parents. The designated servitors, scaling the towering heights of the 200-foot temple, lit diyas on the “Amolaka,” creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Throughout the three days, the deities, including Lord Jagannath, made offerings to their mythological parents. On the initial day, Lord Jagannath presented “Pinda” (obsequies) in honor of King Indradyumna, the legendary figure credited with establishing the lords in the temple.

Legend has it that King Indradyumna sought a boon to end his dynasty, ensuring that none of his successors could claim ownership of the temple. Lord Jagannath granted the boon by willingly offering Pinda to his devoted follower, Indradyumna.

On the subsequent days, the deities, embodying Sri Ram and Krishna, paid respects to their respective parents. Sri Ram offered Pinda to his father, King Dasarath, while Krishna presented Pinda to his parents, Basudev and Devaki, and foster parents, Nanda and Jashoda.

The intricate rituals unfolded against the backdrop of the illuminated temple, adorned with countless diyas, creating a mesmerizing sight. The temple administration took special measures to ensure the seamless completion of all rituals, enhancing the spiritual experience for the multitude of devotees.

Amidst the divine celebrations, lakhs of devotees partook in the mahaprasad, relishing the spiritual and festive atmosphere during these three sacred days. The Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri radiated with the essence of tradition, devotion, and luminosity, leaving a lasting impression on all those who witnessed the divine festivities.