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Hyderabad, Nov 20: Revanth Reddy, Member of Parliament and President of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC), strongly criticized Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s administration, alleging a lack of freedom and social justice during his rule.

During the “Meet the Press” program at Somajiguda Press Club on Sunday, Reddy delved into the historical context of Telangana’s development, pointing out challenges faced during the Nizam’s autocratic rule, the dominance of united rulers, and the aftermath following the formation of Telangana.

He emphasized that the core of Telangana’s struggles lies in issues related to land, citing the historical armed peasant struggle against the despotic rule of the Nizam.

Reddy claimed that even in the united state, equal development and opportunities were denied to the people of Telangana, leading to their quest for freedom, equality, and development, culminating in the formation of Telangana.

He called for the removal of Chief Minister KCR, accusing him of treating people as slaves, clarifying that the movement aims at administrative reform and not merely a quest for power.

The TPCC President accused KCR of misinformation, particularly regarding the Dharani land portal, alleging large-scale land grabs. Reddy urged action against corruption and emphasized the need for transparent governance in Telangana.

He announced that Praja Darbar will be held in Secretariat if Congress is voted to power in the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections scheduled for November 30.

Reddy predicted that the BJP, which lost deposits in 105 seats out of 119 in the last elections, would lose deposits in 110 seats this time.

He criticized the BJP for not considering Congress’s demand to conduct the BC census and questioned the party’s commitment to making a Backward Class leader the Chief Minister.

Reddy highlighted that the BJP, despite being in power in 10 states, has only one OBC CM, and criticized the party for not keeping its promises, especially regarding SC categorization.

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