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Surat, Dec 18 – Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on Sunday said the new building of the Surat Diamond Bourse is a symbol of New India’s capabilities and resolutions, with its radiance overshadowing the largest of edifices in the world.

Modi, who was speaking at the inauguration of the bourse building. remarked that a new diamond has been added to the magnificence of Surat city.

The PM also inaugurated the new terminal building of Surat Airport.

The Prime Minister said, “Surat Diamond Bourse showcases the abilities of Indian designs, designers, materials, and concepts. This building is a symbol of New India’s capabilities and resolutions.”

“It is not an ordinary diamond, but the best in the world”, Modi said, underlining that “the radiance of the new bourse building is overshadowing the largest of edifices in the world”.

Modi also congratulated the entire diamond industry, the people of Surat, Gujarat and India on the inauguration of the building.

The Prime Minister said, “People of Surat know Modi’s guarantee for a very long time” and added that the diamond bourse is an example of “Modi’s guarantee” for the people of Surat.

Modi said the Bourse will have facilities like international banking, safe vaults and a jewelry mall leading to 1.5 lakh new jobs.

Ahead of the programme, the Prime Minister also visited Panchtatva Garden, viewed the Green Building of Surat Diamond Bourse & SPINE-4, and signed the visitor booklet.

Talking about the two other “gifts” for Surat, the Prime Minister mentioned the inauguration of a new airport terminal and the elevation of the status of Surat Airport to an International airport.

He announced the commencement of the Surat-Dubai flight and the soon-to-start flight to Hong Kong. “With Surat, Gujarat now boasts of three international airports’, he added.

Further dwelling on the capabilities of Surat, the Prime Minister mentioned India’s jump from 10th to 5th position in the world economy.

“Now Modi has given the guarantee that, in the third innings, India will be among the top 3 economies of the world”, he said.

The government has a roadmap for the next 25 years and is working on the goals of a 5 trillion dollar economy and a 10 trillion dollar economy” he added.

The Prime Minister said Surat has become one of the top 10 growing cities in the world.

“Today, Surat is the Dream City for lakhs of youth”, he exclaimed. He also noted Surat’s stride in the IT sector and said that it is historic in itself for a modern city like Surat to get such a magnificent building in the form of Diamond Bourse.