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New Delhi, Nov 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the situation of “insecurity and instability” in the West Asia region is a matter of concern and called upon the G20 nations to resolve the issues together.

Making initial remarks, at the Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit, Modi said that India is ready to walk along with member countries of G20 in combating terrorism in all its forms, adding that terrorism is unacceptable to all of us.

“From the perspective of human welfare, we can raise our voice against terrorism and violence, and towards humanity,” he said.

Referring to the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Prime Minister said that the death of civilians, wherever they happen, is condemnable.

“New challenges have arisen in the last few months and our coming together today symbolizes that we are sensitive to all issues and stand together to resolve them” he added.

Modi said, “It is also important to ensure that the war between Israel and Hamas does not take any regional form”…adding that It is necessary to ensure timely and continuous delivery of humanitarian aid”.

The Prime Minister also welcomed the release of hostages and expressed hope that all the hostages would be released soon.

According to figures from the Israeli military, Hamas is holding 239 hostages captive in Gaza, including foreign nationals from 26 countries.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence, Modi said, “Today in the age of Artificial Intelligence, there is a need to use technology in a responsible manner.

“There is increasing concern all over the world about the negative use of AI but India has a clear thinking that we should work together on the global regulation of AI” he said.

Raising concerns over the issues of DeepFake, the PM said that there is a need to understand the seriousness of DeepFake about how dangerous it is for society, and for the individual.

He said we want A.I should reach the people, and it must be safe for society.

Pointing out the concerns of the Global South, Modi said, “As the world of the 21st century moves forward, the concerns of the Global South will have to be given top priority’.

“The countries of the Global South are going through many difficulties for which they are not responsible. In this context, the need of the hour is that we give our full support to the development agenda” he said.

“It is important to bring reforms in global economic and governance structures to make them Bigger, Better, Effective, Representative and Future Ready and implement the adopted Action Plan to accelerate the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also said, “It is a matter of pride for India that Africa has got a voice during its Presidency.

“In this one year, the whole world has also heard the echo of the Global South in the G-20 and last week, in the Voice of Global South Summit, around 130 countries has wholeheartedly appreciated the decisions taken in the New Delhi G-20 Summit,” Modi said.

“The G-20 has emphasized on adopting a human-centric approach while supporting innovation and digital technology. The G-20 has again increased confidence in multilateralism,” he added.