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Mumbai, Dec 6 – Mumbai police raided a pharmaceutical company’s office in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly supplying spurious Orofer ferric carboxymaltose (FCM) injections, used in the treatment of anemia, to a Delhi-based pharmaceutical firm.

The Delhi firm, in turn, sent the injections to Mumbai, where they were found to be fake, officials said here on Tuesday.

Assistant Commissioner (Drugs) Atul Upadhyay said a three-member team from Mumbai raided the office of the primary supplier, ‘Golu Pharma’, in Agra.

The team surveyed the paperwork available at the premises, along with the medicines stored there.
The police team found purchase bills for eight types of medicine, but there were no bills of sale.
All these medicines were found to be stored on the premises and the owner could not provide a satisfactory answer as to why the medicines had not been sold to date.