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Revolutionary Design: Inverted T Arrangement Ensures Uninterrupted Construction of New Flyover Girders

Mumbai, Oct 30: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has commenced construction on a new flyover to enhance airport commuting, ensuring a smooth and signal-free traffic experience. This bridge, adjacent to the existing Vile Parle bridge, aims to significantly reduce travel time to the airport.

Approximately 70% of the construction work for the ‘Airport Terminal – T1’ flyover has been completed, marking a noteworthy achievement for MMRDA. The recent milestone involves launching girders on the bustling Western Express Highway (WEH) without the need for trestle support, minimizing traffic disruptions.

The new flyover, designed for Bandra-bound traffic from Terminal 2, is a two-lane, one-way structure costing Rs 48.43 crore. With a length of 615 meters and a width of 8 meters over two lanes, the flyover is expected to provide a seamless and signal-free traffic flow for commuters traveling from the airport to Bandra. The innovative construction methods employed in launching steel girders without ground-based support showcase the project’s commitment to minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth traffic operations.