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Pune, Nov 06: Dr Neelam Gorhe, Deputy Chairperson of the Maharashtra Legislative Council, affirmed the state government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by garbage collectors and ensuring their dignified treatment. She made these remarks at the Maharashtra garbage collection conference organized in Pune on behalf of the International Labour Organisation and Swachh Pune Seva Cooperative.

Having actively worked on issues concerning garbage collectors for many years, Dr Gorhe expressed her awareness of their struggles and highlighted her consistent advocacy for their rights.

Emphasizing the importance of various government schemes for scavengers, she asserted that the government’s true responsibility lies in effectively implementing these initiatives to benefit the collectors.

Dr Gorhe underscored the significance of comprehensive registration of scavengers in Maharashtra for their sustainable development. She urged the need for waste pickers to obtain identity cards through local self-government bodies and stressed the importance of diligently implementing various schemes aimed at securing their rights.