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Bengaluru, Dec 5 – The Karnataka High on Tuesday suspended live streaming of court proceedings for time being for cyber security reasons.

“We are stopping all the live streaming. Video Conference, we are not permitting. Unfortunately, some mischief is being played, there may be something at the level of technology or some people. Don’t immediately rush to the Court Registry and make complaints on ‘why our permission is not granted.’ This is something unfortunate, the situation is an unprecedented situation,” Karnataka Chief Justice PB Varale said.

“Otherwise, Karnataka High Court was always in favour of using technology for the public at large. But for this situation, which is unprecedented. Please cooperate, please request your colleagues not to rush to the computer team, the Registry. This is the interest of the system, the institution rather. Even if some members of the press may not be aware. Please tell them. You have to cooperate,” the CJ said.
CJ Varale announced the move this morning in the Court shortly before the live stream or video-conference stream to the courtroom presided over by him was abruptly halted.

He said this step has been taken to preserve the judicial institution while urging all stakeholders to cooperate.
Earlier in the day, the administrator moderating the Zoom meeting informed the participants that they would have to disclose their name and the item number of the case they wished to follow to remain in the virtual meeting.

However, after the judges assembled, it was informed that virtual hearings were being suspended altogether.
The COVID-19 pandemic had halted physical hearings across the country, forcing courts to devise ways by which court hearings could be attended remotely or by virtual means.

Over time, High Courts adapted to using apps so that court hearings could be virtually accessed by lawyers and other stakeholders.
Recently, the Supreme Court also admonished High Courts for discontinuing virtual access to court hearings after the pandemic subsided.