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Bengaluru, Nov 22: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah hinted at his commitment to acknowledging a caste survey carried out by his previous government.

Expressing unwavering resolve in a post on X, Siddaramaiah stated, “My decision to do justice to the disadvantaged communities, by accepting the report of the Economic, Social and Educational Survey conducted by our previous government, is unwavering.”

Siddaramaiah aligned himself with Rahul Gandhi’s stance on conducting a caste census. Gandhi had emphasized that the country’s independence would be meaningful only with a nationwide caste census and equitable distribution based on its findings.

“I fully agree with our proud leader Rahul Gandhi’s stand. I feel that the country’s independence will be meaningful only when the caste census is conducted across the country and based on its report, ‘equal share for all – equal rights for all’ is ensured,” Siddaramaiah added.

During an election rally in Udaipur, Rahul Gandhi had declared that the Congress would conduct a caste census in Rajasthan if it regains power and would do the same at the national level if the party secures power.

In 2015, the Congress government led by Siddaramaiah in Karnataka had commissioned a social-economic and educational survey, the results of which have not been made public.

This survey report has the potential to spark controversy, with Dalits and OBCs among others demanding its release. However, the Lingayat community has criticized the survey as unscientific, calling for its re-conduction.

Vokkaliga leaders, including Deputy CM DK Shivakumar and prominent seers from the community, recently passed a resolution in a meeting, urging the state government to “reject” the caste survey report.