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Hyderabad, Nov 27 – Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has refuted claims made by BRS and BJP leaders, accusing them of spreading misinformation about the Karnataka Congress government.

Addressing the media here on Sunday, he said, “If there is a problem in Karnataka, will they protest in Hyderabad? Those protesting in the name of Karnataka farmers in Telangana are not Karnataka farmers. I made an open challenge to CM KCR to come to Karnataka, but he did not come.

Today also, I invite KCR to come to Karnataka. KCR should come to Karnataka and see the governance there. I request BJP and BRS leaders to come to Karnataka and witness the development of that state.

The six guarantees given in Telangana will surely be implemented. They are spreading lies that the guarantees given by us are not being implemented in Karnataka,” Siddaramaiah asserted.

Siddaramaiah highlighted that a decision was taken in the cabinet meeting on the day they took oath to implement the guarantee schemes. He stated that women are traveling by bus for free in Karnataka, and KCR is spreading falsehoods for the election. Four guarantee schemes are already running in the state of Karnataka, and another guarantee scheme will be initiated in January, with a budget allocation, according to Siddaramaiah.

“In Karnataka, the BJP government before us gave 600 guarantees and could not implement even at least 10 percent of the guarantees. Minister KTR’s campaign, stating that he (Siddaramaiah) is collecting money from builders, is false. Former CM Yeddyurappa is spreading false campaigns. The contractor association alleged that the previous BJP government took a 40 percent commission in Karnataka,” he said.