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Kharagpur, Dec 19 – President Droupadi Murmu on Monday said that institutions like IIT Kharagpur will have to play an important role in making the 21st century – India’s century through innovation and technology.

They will have to make revolutionary efforts to develop technology and implement it, she said.

The President said everyone should have the right over technology. It should be used for the purpose of promoting social justice and equality and not to widen the gap in society. She stated that the digital payment system is the best example of technology simplifying the lives of common people.

Murmu graced and addressed the 69th convocation of IIT Kharagpur on Monday

Speaking on the occasion, the President said the IIT system has a reputation all over the world. IITs are considered incubation centres of talent and technology.

She stated that IIT Kharagpur has the distinction of being the first IIT of the country. This institution has nurtured great talents in its journey of almost 73 years and its contribution to the development of the country is unmatched.

The President was happy to note that in line with the Central Government’s policy of internationalisation and globalisation of IITs, IIT Kharagpur is working on alliances and collaborations with other global institutions.

She said this step will not only help in establishing IIT Kharagpur at the international level but will also be a big step towards giving global recognition to the Indian education system.

The President highlighted that not even a single educational institution of such a vast country with the world’s oldest knowledge tradition is among the top 50 educational institutions of the world.

She said that the race for ranking is not more important than good education. But good ranking not only attracts students and good faculty from all over the world but also enhances the reputation of the country.

Murmu stated that IIT Kharagpur, being the oldest IIT of the country, should make efforts in this direction.

The President said that today India is scaling new heights, setting new standards and emerging as a major world power.

“We look forward to finding solutions to the challenges facing the world in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. In this Amrit Kaal of India, the golden age will come only by churning through technology. Computerisation, solar energy, genomics and large language models are some of the experiments that have the potential to bring revolutionary changes in social life.

“Diseases that seemed incurable 150 years ago are now treated almost free of cost. People’s standard of living is getting better. The role of technology is important in making this world better and inclusive,” she said.

She urged all to develop a growth oriented, futuristic and curious mindset. She said that along with this, they should have a feeling of gratitude towards the nation and society for their wonderful present.

The President expressed confidence that they will be able to give a better and safer future to the country and the world.