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Shimla, Dec 7 – The Himachal Pradesh High Court has postponed till January four the hearing in the matter pertaining to the government’s withdrawal of criminal cases brought against current and former MLAs and MPs.

The government was asked to provide crucial information such as copies of the chargesheets against any MLAs or MPs that the government wishes to drop, by the court.

Since information filed by the government was not on file, the case hearing was postponed.
Notably, the State Home Department had sought the court’s permission to drop 65 of these charges against honourable people, which the government claimed were brought out of political rivalry.
Through application filed by the government, the court had been told that criminal cases were going on against the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister and other MLAs in the courts of 10 districts in the state.

The government claimed that these criminal cases have been registered against MLAs due to political hatred.

The court was informed through the government’s appeal that criminal charges were pending in 10 district courts of the state against the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other MLAs.
The High Court has established special courts in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling and mandated that the cases filed against MLAs and MPs, both current and former, be resolved quickly.