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Ayodhya, Nov 11 – Ayodhya witnessed an opulent procession featuring 18 divine tableaux, showcasing the life of Lord Ram, ahead of the seventh Deepotsava. The event was flagged off by Jaiveer Singh, the Tourism and Culture Minister in the Uttar Pradesh government.

The elaborate procession, which commenced from Udaya Square and proceeded to Ram Katha Park, included majestic tableaux depicting various aspects of Lord Ram’s character. Artists from different states expressed their faith through vibrant presentations, incorporating major folk dances from various regions of India.

The streets were adorned with enthusiastic spectators, and Aarti ceremonies were performed at multiple locations along the route. Special gratitude was expressed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on behalf of Ayodhya’s priestly community.

Minister Jaiveer Singh highlighted the significance of the festival and the upcoming coronation of Lord Ram. He emphasized Ayodhya’s cultural richness and its role in conveying the essence of Indian Sanatan culture globally.

The tableaux, created by the Tourism and Information Departments, covered a range of themes. The Information Department’s collection showcased narratives such as Putreshthi Yagya, a fear-free society, Gurukul education, basic education, Ram Sita marriage, Ahilya’s upliftment, and Mission Shakti, highlighting women’s safety and empowerment.

The Tourism Department’s tableaux followed the seven chapters of Ramayana, including Bal Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kishkindha Kand, Sundar Kand, Lanka Kand, and Uttar Kand. A dedicated Ram Rath-themed tableau added to the visual narrative.

The grand procession marked a vibrant celebration leading up to the Deepotsava, reinforcing Ayodhya’s status as a cultural gem in India.