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New Delhi, Nov 16 – In response to the escalating air pollution crisis in the national capital, Delhi Minister Raaj Kumar Anand conducted a thorough inspection of vehicles entering the city on Wednesday. The inspection aimed to assess the effective implementation of measures designed to curb the menace.

As pollution levels surge in the region, the Delhi government has taken crucial actions under stage 4 of the revised Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) for Delhi-NCR. Minister Anand stressed the importance of on-site implementation of pollution control measures during the inspection at the Jonti border, Kanjhawala Road.

Violations were identified in CCTV recordings of passing vehicles from the border area, prompting the minister to order strict adherence to GRAP-4 regulations. This specifically targeted the restriction of entry for trucks and diesel buses from state borders.

Anand affirmed, “The Delhi government is firmly resolved in its commitment to combat the aggravating pollution levels. We are rigorously monitoring air quality by adhering to established norms and implementing necessary actions to safeguard the well-being of Delhiites.”

To ensure compliance with directives, the concerned SDM at Singhu Border issued notices for the display of banners. These banners, conveying information about the applicability of GRAP-IV regulations in Hindi, will be installed at the Border and 150 meters ahead of the Singhu Border at the Kundli Border. Additionally, a temporary camp has been established to distribute brochures in Hindi, providing comprehensive information on the application of GRAP-IV in Delhi.