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Hyderabad, Dec.01 – Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief, Revanth Reddy, voiced strong confidence in a “Congress Tsunami” sweeping through Telangana as votes for the assembly polls are set to be counted on December 3. During a media interaction, Revanth expressed certainty in the victory of the Congress party in the elections.

Revanth highlighted the conscious voting of the people, emphasizing the end of what he termed as “Dorala Telangana” (Telangana of feudals) and the emergence of “Prajala Telangana” (Telangana of the people). He projected that the ruling BRS would secure no more than 25 seats, asserting the Congress’s ability to form the government after the results are declared on December 9.

The leader underlined the significance of December 3, the date of the election results, connecting it with the sacrifice of Srikantachari during the Telangana movement. Revanth, contesting against CM KCR from Kamareddy, attributed the movement’s elevated status to Srikantachari’s sacrifice, acknowledging and paying tribute to the historical significance.

Revanth commented on the conduct of BRS leaders, characterizing it as “goat-like elegance” and accused KCR’s family of treating people worse than animals. He noted that the people had taught them a lesson through their votes.

Calling on Congress party workers to celebrate in every village, Revanth emphasized the natural aspect of victory and defeat in the public domain. He articulated the party’s commitment to democratic governance and responsible roles for both the opposition and the ruling party.

Revanth urged KCR’s family to correct their mistakes and assured that Congress leaders would not act autocratically. He pledged that the Congress, if in power, would restore democratic values, ensuring transparency and the ability of the opposition to voice concerns on important issues.

The leader mentioned Professor Kodandaram, indicating that he would be entrusted with key responsibilities in the Congress government. He concluded by appealing to Congress cadre and leaders to act responsibly, emphasizing the swearing-in of the Congress government, legalizing the six guarantees, and ensuring democratic governance.

The election results are eagerly anticipated, and the political landscape in Telangana appears poised for a potential shift with the Congress party eyeing a significant victory.