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Mumbai, Nov 18 — The Bombay High Court criticized the Maharashtra government’s “lackadaisical attitude” towards establishing an official website for the state sales tax tribunal during a recent hearing. The court emphasized the need for a more modern and efficient approach to the tribunal’s operations.

The division bench of Justices Girish Kulkarni and Jitendra Jain expressed dissatisfaction, stating, “Tribunals in a progressive state like Maharashtra cannot remain primitive in embracing technology. Providing a website would certainly enhance the efficiency in the working of the tribunal and make effective access to justice.”

In response to the plea being heard, the court issued an order, which was made available recently. The bench directed the state government to ensure the official website of the Maharashtra Sales Tax Tribunal (MSTT) becomes functional by December 31. The court’s directive reflects the urgency to embrace technology to improve the tribunal’s operations and facilitate easier access to justice.

The move towards a functional website aligns with the broader trend of modernizing administrative processes, ensuring transparency, and streamlining communication within the legal system. The court’s emphasis on embracing technology highlights the importance of staying up-to-date with advancements for a more efficient and accessible judiciary.

As the deadline approaches, the implementation of the official website for the Maharashtra Sales Tax Tribunal is expected to mark a significant step towards enhancing the overall effectiveness of the tribunal and ensuring a more seamless delivery of justice.