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Hyderabad, Nov 17 – Apollo, the world’s largest integrated healthcare provider, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated the completion of 25 years of its pediatric liver transplant program in India. The Apollo Transplant program, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive, performs over 1600 solid organ transplants annually, offering state-of-the-art services in the management of liver and kidney diseases, transplantations, and various other surgeries.

With a remarkable 90% success rate, the Apollo Liver Transplant program has become a beacon of quality and hope for patients globally. Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Group, emphasized the commitment to extending expertise to individuals worldwide seeking liver transplant services. The program has witnessed substantial progress since its inception, having conducted over 4300 liver transplants, including 515 procedures in children.

Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director and Senior Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Apollo Hospitals, hailed the liver transplant program as a pivotal moment in India’s medical landscape. He highlighted the program’s ability to perform challenging transplants, including ABO incompatible and combined liver-kidney transplants, and operating on babies as small as 4 kgs.

Dr. Neerav Goyal, Senior Consultant in Liver Transplants, emphasized the program’s exceptional success rate of 90%, showcasing the institution’s dedication to unparalleled patient care and clinical outcomes. The success of the program reflects tireless efforts, skills, and advancements in liver transplants, solidifying Apollo’s position as a leading institution.

Mr. Shivakumar Pattabhiraman, Managing Director of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, expressed pride in Apollo’s legacy, celebrating 25 years as a pioneering force in India’s medical domain. Actress Dimple Kapadia, present at the function, acknowledged the life-saving impact of liver transplantation and congratulated the Apollo team for their commitment to saving lives.

The event witnessed recognition of Apollo’s role in liver transplantation, setting global standards and saving lives not just in India but across 50 countries worldwide.