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An ambulance on Mumbai Pune expressway exploded & got completely destroyed on 31st October.

As per further information, vehicles from fire department are clearing the debris. It has come to light that an ambulance met with a terrible accident while taking the patient to the hospital.

An ambulance exploded on the Mumbai Pune highway. In this incident, a woman in the ambulance died on the spot.

Those who were in the ambulance luckily survived. The patient is being taken for treatment because of such an end, grief is being expressed.

While the patient was being taken for treatment, the ambulance suddenly broke down on the Mumbai Pune highway. Realizing this, the driver stopped the ambulance. At the same time, the car suddenly caught fire. As soon as the fire broke out, the relatives of the patient came out. However, the patient got trapped inside and died in the fire.

After stopping the car, there was a big explosion. In the accident, it was seen that the rags of the ambulance were blown off. Traffic was disrupted for some time due to this incident. The horrifying video of this incident has now surfaced.