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New Delhi, Oct 30: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday lashed out at BJP-led Central Government over the poor air quality in North India.

Amid deteriorating air quality, AAP senior leader and National spokesperson Reena Gupta said people in Northern India are suffering due to air pollution. “The Central government lacks any action plan to control it,” she alleged.

Referring to a report, Gupta claimed, “Out of the 50 most polluted cities in the world, 39 are in India, with 20 of them being in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh (UP).”

The AAP spokesperson highlighted that currently, only Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government is taking strong measures to reduce air pollution by implementing winter and summer action plans.

As a result, Delhi’s air quality has seen a 30 percent improvement in the last few years, AAP said in a statement.

To control the air pollution and take steps to keep check on it, AAP demanded a high-level meeting of all Environment Ministers from Northern states and the reopening of the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting Research (SAFAR) website, the statement said.

Expressing her concern over rising AQI levels in northern India, Gupta claimed, “As the winter season comes, the Air quality of entire northern India deteriorates. Be it UP, Delhi, Punjab and Gurgaon.

Doctors will tell you that there is a sudden rise in the number of patients with Asthma during winter in northern India. As of 2019, 99.5 percent districts in India did not meet WHO’s air quality guidelines.”