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Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 13 – As many as 67 movies are all set to illuminate screens in 14 theatres on Wednesday at IFFK.

This includes 12 Oscar winning films. Among these, 8 films are having its last screening-Opponent by Milad Alami, Omen by Baloji, Banel & Adama by Ramata-Tou-Laye Sy, The Burdened by Amr Gamal, Slow by Marija Kavtaradze, The Teachers’ Lounge by Ilker Catak, The Monk and the gun by Pawo Choyning Dorji, and Four Daughters by Kaouther Ben Hania.

Besides, ‘Tiger Stripes’ is having its midnight premier at Nishagandhi. The second screening list includes Inshallah a boy by Amjad Al Rasheed, Totem by Lila Aviles and Hanging Gardens by Ahmed Yassin Aldaradji.

Four films are screening under the malayalam cinema today category; Blue Hair by Sarathkumar V, Apple Plants by Gagan dev, Scheherazade by Vignesh P Sasidharan and Anand Monalisa waits for death by Satish Babusenan and Santosh Babusenan.

Ambush by Chhatrapal Ninawe, Padatik by Srijit M Mukherji and Joseph’s Son by Haoban Padan Kumar are screening under the Indian Cinema Now section on Wednesday.

Whispers of fire and water by Lubdhak Chatterjee and Totem by Lila Aviles are the two international competition films.

Three films are shown under the Decolonising the mind category whereas five female gaze films including Banel & Adama, Four Daughters and Tiger Stripes are also screening on the same date.

35 World Cinemas are also screening which include The Punishment, Sleep, Anatomy of fall, Disco Boy and Goodbye Julia.

In addition, 4 films in Kaleidoscope, 2 films in Latin American Cinema, one each in Zanussi Retrospective and Mrinal Sen Retrospective and 4 films in masterminds will be shown on various screens.

With You Bread and Onions which is scheduled under the country focus section is replaced with Death of the bureaucrats.

Apple Plants, Ambush, The Annoyed, Paths of Glory, Invisible Windows, Home, Stolen, Goodbye Julia and the Green Border are having its last screening on Wednesday.